Important information on IRFU Return to Rugby Guidelines for Parents for all Mini and Youth Rugby activities to meet Government COVID Guidelines can be downloaded from the highlighted link below

Download IRFU Return To Rugby Guidelines for Parents here

Download the Pre Rugby Personal Assessment declaration form for Minis and Youths here

Sponsors of Youth Rugby in Greystones

Greystones Rugby Philosophy

All age levels

GRFC is aligned to the IRFU Long Term Player Development (LTPD) pathway

GRFC is at all times child/player centred seeking to ensure the greatest level of participation and enjoyment from playing the game of rugby in a safe and secure environment where best practice is pursued at all times.

GRFC will endeavour that players of all abilities will enjoy a sense of achievement through development of their rugby skills

Mini rugby (u7 to u12)

GRFC promotes go forward play that provides every player with the opportunity to carry the ball, run into space, support teammates and score tries.

Youth Rugby: (u13 to u19)

GRFC aims to create an environment that enables and encourages players to make calculated decisions, with all players having a collective understanding.

Contact Details

U7s:       Gordon Shaw          087 299 9680      [email protected]

U8s:        Peter Levins            086 274 9419      [email protected]

U9s:        Darren Maguire      087 289 3877     [email protected]

U10s:       Jonathan Browne   086 668 1696     [email protected]

U11s:       Eoghan Byrne         087 919 7127     [email protected]

U12s:       Huw Davies             085 273 5716     [email protected]

U13s:       Gordon Shaw          087 299 9680     [email protected]

U14s:       John Lane                086 865 7855     [email protected]

U15s:      Denis Casey              087 260 7847     [email protected]

U16s:      Steven Manek           087 373 7566    [email protected]

U17s:      James Rice                086 784 6289   [email protected]

U18s:     Brian Newsome          083 460 9010   [email protected]

Girls U10’s:  Stephen Holland      087 995 7019 [email protected]

Girls U12’s:  Stephen Holland      087 995 7019 [email protected]

Girls U14s:  Ruairi O’Hanlon        087 052 3237  [email protected]

Girls U16s:  Eoin O’Mahony         086 818 9405 [email protected]

Girls U18s:  Loman Cusack          087 290 8284    [email protected]

Junior Seagulls: Pamela McCann 086 883 3739   

*for further information about additional needs rugby, please see the Seagulls page