Centenary Fund

Our club is establishing the Centenary Fund. Why?

In 2037 the club will celebrate it’s 100 year anniversary. Our aim is to be a top-class sports and recreational facility. Children that are joining and playing now, will be our future players, coaches and administrators. There was a lengthy period of time in our most recent past, where the club was under immense financial pressure. Due to the hard work of our trustees we are now in a position where the club is financially stable and are in a position to invest in our facilities. To bolster our club’s investment, the Centenary Fund is being set up to allow us to hold money from fundraising which will be ring-fenced for club development. Phase 1: Pitch development Starting in April 2020, pitches 3 and 4 are going to be leveled and drained. The club secured a grant of €80,500 which falls €70,000 short of the total cost of the job. This is a large project and your Club needs to start fundraising.

What we are proposing is that members will be approached and asked for a voluntary contribution of €150 per family. For that €150, the family name will be recorded and eventually will be displayed on a sign similar to that in Greystones playground. Also all contributors will be entered into a draw for 2 tickets to the Ireland v England Six Nations match in 2021.

Donations can be made using the EasyPaymentsPlus platform either as a single payment of €150 or spread over three monthly installments or as a single discretionary payment of your choosing. Just click on the link below:https://pay.easypaymentsplus.com/feepay1v2.aspx?id=704

In addition we have setup a GoFundMe page that will run in parallel with the voluntary contribution request. The GoFundMe page will see non-members in our community and overseas to contribute to the fund also. It is vital that we share the link via all of our social media accounts – as far and as wide as we can. Further Phases will include: • Refurbishment of changing facilities • The addition of 2 new changing rooms